The word "Yotta" in Yottaasys stands for the largest unit of data which can be measured, and this is exactly what we are trying to do at Yottaasys. Recent developments in disruptive technologies and disruptive business approaches have changed the Analytics landscape entirely, these latest developments and the inability of traditional models to address them has left a widespread gap. Yottaasys has created innovative solutions and paradigms which handle this pyramid of disruptions, we are doing Analytics differently by using a unique combination of significant technology acumen, deep business understanding and advanced analysis techniques built along with Yottaasys innovative solutions.



Yottaasys was Born

December 2014

Yottaasys was born with a unique idea to use distruptive technologies to address new age business issues and providing solutions for various industries across the globe.


Yottaasys Hired its First Employee

January 2015

Yottaasys hires its first employee in january 2015 to start building industry solutions.

Yottaasys get its first parnter

January 2015

Yottaasys get listed in Oracle Partner Network

Yottaasys gets its First Customer.

February 2015

Yottaasys gets its first customer Beawel for optimizing their website search.

Yottaasys gets its Second Customer.

April 2015

Yottaasys gets its second customer and first Fortune 500 customer "Capegemini".

Yottaasys gets its First Solution Partner

May 2015

Yottaasys gets its first solution partner "IBM" for building solutions on Infosphere BigInsights.


Yottasys gets selected in the NASSCOM 10K STARTUP PROGRAM

April 2016

Yottaasys gets selected in the NASSCOM 10K startup program for its PATH BREAKING PLATFORM called DECISION SCIENCES FACTOR (DSF).


May 2016

Yottaasys was one of the top 10 Analytics company selected from across the country for NASSCOM’s flagship GIC event at Hyderabad where DSF was unveiled for the first time to the industry.

DSF (Decision Sciences Factor) platform powers the Machine Learning and Data Sciences team of Toshiba India Software Pvt. Ltd


The Analytical Revolution Of Sensors

Speaking during Question Hour in the upper house of Indian parliament on Thursday 11-June-2015, Union Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal claimed that electricity was available at zero rupees per unit at the Power Grid’s Monitoring Office. When there are continuous power cuts across so many cities and only a few hours of power supply at majority of villages, this actually is a good indicator towards the unbalanced demand/supply situation.


The Search Disruption

There are two specific events which mark this decade, first one being the emergence of disruptive business models such as e-commerce models for retail, travel, transport and services and the second one is the emergence of disruptive technologies such as search and analytics technologies. Both of these events present a series of opportunities in terms of doing cheaper business with faster implementation times, while at the same time they possess a serious threat to the old business models and software licensing models.