Technology has changed the face of every business entirely, not only it has changed the access mechanisms but it has also fundamentally changed the kind of relationships and experiences that customers now expect from brands. Digital revolution is far ahead from just providing access on all digital channels but has moved completely into the space of digital personalization, geospatial campaigns and obtaining all inclusive customer footprints.

Imagine this. What if you could..?

Gather and analyze insights into customer behaviour and beliefs using all sources of information.

Create Omni-channel customer experiences blending the best of the digital and physical worlds.

Design every online interaction with customer service to feel a-la-carte service instead of drudgery.

Yottaasys would like to be your partner in reimaging your customer experiences, these experiences transform you from one with market parity into a highly differentiated “loved” brand that customers can’t stop talking about.



Customers often give you signals about what they like. Yottaasys analyses these signals and identifies preferences of each customer - The categories they prefer, the brands they follow and the prices they’re comfortable with. These preferences need to be picked up from all possible customer footprints such as mobile apps, social media, demographic data and your own customer preference summary.



One of the most important and often most ignored piece in the whole e-commerce model is the internal site search solution. Not only this solution is mission critical but it also helps in a direct understanding of customer behaviour versus deriving it as inferences from clickstream data. As per a latest research reportSearch visitors denote a higher level of purchase intent where 30% of ecommerce would use internal site search resulting in 5x higher conversions than non-search visitors.



The Analytical Revolution Of Sensors

Speaking during Question Hour in the upper house of Indian parliament on Thursday 11-June-2015, Union Minister of State for Power Piyush Goyal claimed that electricity was available at zero rupees per unit at the Power Grid’s Monitoring Office. When there are continuous power cuts across so many cities and only a few hours of power supply at majority of villages, this actually is a good indicator towards the unbalanced demand/supply situation.


The Search Disruption

There are two specific events which mark this decade, first one being the emergence of disruptive business models such as e-commerce models for retail, travel, transport and services and the second one is the emergence of disruptive technologies such as search and analytics technologies. Both of these events present a series of opportunities in terms of doing cheaper business with faster implementation times, while at the same time they possess a serious threat to the old business models and software licensing models.